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The true meaning of 'aroha'. Aroha is often translated as "Love", but the full meaning of the word encompasses all of the five senses, the ego and also intellect, and cannot be contained in just one word. In Maori, aroha encompasses the breath of life and the creative force of the spirit, and it assumes that the universe is abundant and.

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Aroha and Manaakitanga —That's What It Is About: Indigenous Women, "Love," and Interpersonal Violence.. In this arti-cle, we begin by providing an overview of precolonial and contemporary .

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Aroha is Love. We have chosen the Maori name 'Aroha' drawing on the wider sense of the word, reflecting ways people relate to one another, including with respect, empathy, hospitality, generosity and connection. "Aroha is the creative force behind all dreams. Aroha defines great leadership, ensures personal success, and inspires us to go the extra mile," says Maori elder and

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Artinya, fakta juga dilepaskan dari maknanya y ang lebih . luas di dalam situasi-situasi historis,. aroha berasal dari kata aroho yang berarti ke jalan roh (Rumahuru, 2012: 153).


Aroha is about the breath of life that binds people together. Kaanihi Butler-Hare illuminates how aroha encompasses some of the other Māori values, and how i.

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One of these learning dispositions is aroha which is commonly known as meaning love, however, it encompasses much more - caring, kindness, compassion, empathy, and affection, and aroha is unconditional and infinite (Pere, 1997). Aroha is weaved throughout our Treetops Philosophy, from the very tips of the deepest roots to the very tips of the.

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In her debut book, Aroha: Māori Wisdom for a Contented Life Lived in Harmony with Our Planet, Dr. Elder expertly translates Māori wisdom both literally into English and figuratively into a broader cultural and social context through the unique lens of a child psychiatrist and Māori woman. The book provides a carefully curated collection of Māori whakataukī, proverbs passed down through.

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Aroha means something in Hinduism, Sanskrit, Buddhism, Pali, Marathi, Jainism, Prakrit, Hindi. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. Add your comment or reference to a book if you want to contribute to this summary article.

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Aroha is a global platform mobilizing support for climate threatened communities and nations as key champions in overcoming a global crisis of the climate. As a platform, Aroha forms a network of organizations and capacities in different world regions that collaborate operationally to deliver initiatives that are impactful and provide a wide.


AROHA (아로하) is the official fandom name for the South Korean boy group ASTRO. On February 23, 2016, ASTRO announced their fandom name "AROHA" at their debut showcase. The name consists of three different parts, ASTRO, Heart, and All fans. The name is supposed to symbolize the love between ASTRO and their fans and was chosen by the members themselves. AROHA also means "love" in Maori.

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He nui ngā whakaputanga o te aroha. He atawhai, he manaaki manuhiri, he āwhina, he whakaaro, he muru hara, he mananui ki ngā hē o te tangata, he matapō ki ngā hē o ērā atu (RK 1994:51). He atawhai, he manaaki manuhiri, he āwhina, he whakaaro, he muru hara, he mananui ki ngā hē o te tangata, he matapō ki ngā hē o ērā atu (RK.

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Maori,¯ Smith(1999) encourages us to have aroha kit e tangata (a respect for people). The expression of aroha creates an innate positive e ect on others that adds to their experience and meaning in everyday life (Barlow1991). In Aotearoa New Zealand, workers are encouraged to have an integrated approach


Aroha is a Māori word meaning "love", cognate with the Hawaiian term aloha. It is also a given name, and can be either masculine or feminine. Notable people. Notable people with the name include: Aroha Awarau, journalist and playwright from New Zealand;

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In aroha we find the space for acknowledging the presence (aro) of the breath of life within others (haa). [2] Aroha therefore comes from the centre of one's self, not as a feeling but as a capacity - a capacity for love, sympathy, compassion, charity and forgiveness. [3] As such it can be a powerful part of relationships both within and.