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Kiss (often styled as KISS) was an American rock band formed in New York City in 1973 by Paul Stanley (vocals, rhythm guitar), Gene Simmons (vocals, bass guitar), Ace Frehley (lead guitar, vocals), and Peter Criss (drums, vocals). Known for their face paint and stage outfits, the group rose to prominence in the mid-1970s with shock rock-style live performances which featured fire-breathing.

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On September 18, 1983, the quartet appeared on MTV and shocked the world by revealing their makeup-free faces, along with a video for the first track off the new album, "Lick It Up.". "It.

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The members of Kiss played their first official concert without their signature makeup in 1983, but they took the stage together au naturel years before that — at guitarist Ace Frehley 's.

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We take a look back at Kiss' first performance without their iconic makeup in this episode of Pop Culture Rewind.Evan Burke:The day was Oct. 11, 1983, and the iconic band Kiss showed us a sid…

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Here, we present the Top 10 Kiss Without Make-Up Songs. 10. Turn On The Night (1987) Paul Stanley wrote some great pop rock songs for his 1978 solo album and for the Kiss records Dynasty (1979) and Unmasked (1980) - songs such as Tonight You Belong To Me, Sure Know Something, Shandi and Tomorrow. Another was Turn On The Night, written with.

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The Day Kiss Finally Removed Their Makeup. Matthew Wilkening Published: September 18, 2015. YouTube. The once-unthinkable took place on Sept. 18, 1983 as Kiss finally revealed their faces. Granted.

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Kiss performed their first show without their trademark face paint on Oct. 11, 1983. The change helped revitalize the band's sagging commercial fortunes, but it also marked the beginning of an.

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Lick It Up is the eleventh studio album by American rock band Kiss.Before its 1983 release, the band members appeared on MTV without their trademark make-up.It was the first public appearance without make-up by the band, and their first for Mercury Records, where they had been signed following their departure from Casablanca Records.The album was certified platinum by the RIAA for selling over.

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The group made their first public appearance without makeup on Sept. 18, 1983. The MTV special revealing the faces of KISS turned out to be somewhat anticlimactic after a massive buildup, because.

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First rule: Don't judge without makeup Kiss songs like this one by the videos.In that respect, they were more than a little lost in the 80s. The spangly day-glo blouses, Gene's perm, and a.

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When the band released Lick It Up in 1983, it was time to come clean, so to speak, and reveal their faces. "'Let's prove something to the fans. Let's go and be a real band without makeup.

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18.09.2018. On this day in 1983, KISS appear for the first time without their iconic makeup. When KISS first formed back in 1973, they were clearly brilliant musicians with a knack for writing great songs. However, the band decided they needed something more in their image, and soon chose to wear makeup for their live performances. Adopting a.

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The original lineup of KISS would reunite in the mid-1990s for an MTV Unplugged, and they eventually put the makeup back on at the 1996 Grammy Awards. A new album then came in 1998 ( Psycho Circus).

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