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1. Protect Your Hands From The Elements You know how the skin on your face can feel parched when the air is cold and dry? The same thing can happen to your hands. In addition to properly moisturizing, make sure to wear gloves when you're in cold climates in order to limit your exposure to the frigid elements. 2. Moisturize Regularly

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Almond. "An almond-shaped nail is slim on the sides and wide on the base, coming to a rounded peak. This shape will lengthen and make short fingers look slim," says Deborah Lippmann, celebrity manicurist & brand founder. File the sides and make sure the tip is narrow, so the free edge mimics a peak shape. Ideal for: Short, wide fingers.

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Practice good nail hygiene. Use a sharp manicure scissors or clippers. Trim your nails straight across, then round the tips in a gentle curve. Use moisturizer. When you use hand lotion, rub the lotion into your fingernails and cuticles, too. Apply a protective layer. Applying a nail hardener might help strengthen nails.

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Prevent Moisture from Escaping . Fun fact: "The nail is 1000 times more permeable to water than the skin is," Stern shares. That means that water exposure—think everyday activities like hand washing and doing the dishes—can weaken and break the bonds of the nail's structure, compromising its ability to retain hydration.

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Water, especially hot water, can strip your skin of its own natural oils, leaving your hands and nails dry and chapped. Exposure to the chemicals found in some cleaning products can cause contact dermatitis, which is a skin reaction that results in redness, itching and dryness. Wearing a pair of the cotton-lined rubber gloves while you clean.

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Never cut your cuticles -- the skin may get infected. 4. Exfoliate your hands weekly. Use a hand scrub once a week to buff away the dry, rough skin and keep your hands soft and healthy. Wet your hands with lukewarm water, and massage a small amount of the scrub over both of your hands, working in circular motions.

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1. Keep your hands very clean. After you wash your hands, make sure nails are thoroughly grime-free by first removing all traces of polish with an acetone-free remover, which won't dry out.


Doctors can treat fungal nail infections with antifungal pills or by surgically removing the nail. 6. Onycholysis. Onycholysis is when a person's nail starts to separate from their skin. There.

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6 /16. The most common cause for anemia, or a low red blood cell count, is not enough iron in the blood. It can happen when you lose too much blood. You can also get it if you don't get enough.

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Causes Common causes of brittle nails are repeatedly wetting and drying the nails. Though less common, other causes may include iron deficiency or underlying illness. Symptoms

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Takeaway. A low level or lack of oxygen circulating in your red blood cells can cause blue fingernails. Other causes can include chronic conditions and cold temperatures. This condition is known.

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1. Use hand cream regularly Everyday moisturizing will not only help to preserve the health of your hands, but also slow down the aging process. Use moisturizing cream for hands and nails every day, massaging it into cleaned skin until it's fully absorbed. 2. Take care of your cuticles

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Nails with a bluish tint can mean the body isn't getting enough oxygen. This could indicate a lung problem, such as emphysema. Some heart problems can be associated with bluish nails. Rippled.

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The first step to a professional-looking manicure is to file and shape your nails, according to Morgan Dixon, the manicurist in charge of the nail artistry on TNT's show Claws. She suggests.

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7 fingernail problems not to ignore By Mayo Clinic Staff Did you know that your fingernails can provide important information about your health? Read on to learn about how changes in the way your fingernails look could signal medical concerns that you shouldn't ignore. If you notice these changes, make an appointment with your health care team.