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Sally Holmes Climbing Rose One of our favorite climbing roses! Produces clusters of large, single, 3-4" blooms all summer long. Buff buds open to pure white flowers, creating a spectacular display on trellises, arbors and other supports. Disease resistant, it blooms well, even in heat. Zone 5-10 Height 6 - 12 feet Bloom Time Late spring to fall

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Rosa 'Sally Holmes' is a white shrub rose cultivar, bred by Robert Holmes in Great Britain in 1976, and named in honor of his wife, Sally. It was created from stock parents, Rosa 'Ivory Fashion' and Rosa 'Ballerina'.

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Sally Holmes - Large, tightly packed trusses of rich, ivory-white single 5" flowers (petals 8-12)with golden centers on a vigorous, continual blooming compact bush. `Sally Holmes' has proven to be one of the most outstanding shrub roses. It is now r

Sally Holmes Climbing Rose Jackson & Perkins

Sally Holmes Climbing Rose Colour: Creamy white Flowering: Repeat Flowering Fragrance: Light, Size: Short Climber 10ft Bloom Size: Large Large, almost single, creamy white flowers, held in large bunches. A free-flowering rose that is nearly always in bloom. It can also be grown as a vigorous shrub. Read more 10ft Wall or Fence Obelisk or Pillar

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Sally Holmes Climbing Rose Unlike any climbing rose you've seen Roses grow in hydrangea-like groups Buff colored buds open to white flowers Free flowering for an extended floral display Is there anything so romantic as a backdrop of classic white climbing roses? With this beautiful and strange variety of climber.

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Sally Holmes Unlike any rose you've seen, Sally gives huge clusters that resemble Hydrangea heads—filled with buff-colored buds that open to white single flowers. Despite their frail appearance, the blooms last well even in heat. Vigorous, disease resistant and very free flowering. Blooms on new wood. Good in most temperatures.

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Climbing Plants. Fragrant Vines. Sally Holmes Climbing Rose - 5 Gallon Pot. One of the most adored and celebrated roses of all time, this is the Climbing 'Sally Holmes' Rose, a vigorous, heat and cold hardy beauty that is sure to be a dominant presence in the garden. From late spring to mid fall she produces hydrangea-like clusters of white.

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Holmes' as a shrub but she grows like a climber. Introduced in 1976, 'Sally Holmes' is a cross between 'Ballerina' (hybrid Musk) and 'Ivory Fashion' (floribunda). Not many realize her hybrid Musk parentage that was popularized by the Englishman, Rev. Pemberton after World War I. 'Sally Holmes' is a

Sally Holmes Climbing Rose Jackson & Perkins

Sally Holmes Rose is a multi-stemmed deciduous woody vine with a twining and trailing habit of growth. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition.

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Common name: Sally Holmes Rose Breed: Hybrid Musk Ballerina and Ivory Fashion Rose USDA zones: 5-9 Water requirement: Regular Sun requirement: Full sun to partial shade Mature size: Climbing to 15 feet; can be trained as a shrub Tolerances: Disease, shade and heat Lenkin Design Inc: Landscape and Garden Design Distinguishing traits.

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Providing a charming display that is a feast for the eyes, award-winning Rosa 'Sally Holmes' is a vigorous, climbing rose with generous clusters of fragrant, single (4-8 petals), creamy white flowers and pink-peach buds. The large blossoms, 3.5 in. across (9 cm), open their ruffled petals to reveal their golden stamens.

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Sally Holmes Climbing Rose Rosa 'Sally Holmes' A profusion of single blossoms cover this vigorously growing deciduous shrub with a profusion of delicately perfumed, creamy buff-white flowers. Climbs through robust, upright canes that must be trained and tied to supports, making this a popular selection for an arbor or trellis. $ 55.99

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Sally Holmes Climbing Rose thrives in well-drained soil and full sun, but is tolerant of some shade. Dramatic in clusters, Sally Holmes Climbing Rose produces beautiful, highlighted single flowers on side branches. Do make Sally Holmes Climbing Rose part of your garden. Details See All 8 Reviews Choosing Your Roses

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The award-winning cultivar 'Sally Holmes' is a lightly scented, vigorous, tall, bushy shrub. If properly staked, it can be grown as a climber. With blooms up to 4-5", the flowers start as creamy colored with pink hues and yellow stamens. As the stamens fall off, the flowers will turn white.

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As a vigorous climber, the Sally Holmes rose can reach a mature height of 10 to 12 feet, making it perfect for covering walls, trellises, fences, or pergolas. Its thornless canes make it easier to handle and prune, ensuring a hassle-free gardening experience. Additionally, this rose variety is known for its adaptability to various growing.

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rose 'Sally Holmes' Upright bushy rose about 1.2m tall, with healthy, glossy dark green leaves and bearing triusses of single white blooms with prominent golden-yellow stamens, tinted pale peachy-pink in bud, almost continuously in flower from early summer to autumn Join the RHS today and save 25% Join now < > © Dorling Kindersley 2003 © RHS