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Scentsy Whiff Box $ 35.00 Every month, we'll curate a new assortment of Scentsy fragrances and product lines — a Whiff Box — designed for you to purchase new, trending and seasonal items. What items would those be? Every month's assortment is a surprise!

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Scentsy Whiff Box 2023? Candy Cane Buttercream Radiant Red Poinsettia Frangrance Flower (Whiff Box exclusive!) Polar Bear Hug Scent Pak Cranberry Candy Cane Scentsy Pods (One of my fave Christmas scents!) Golden Garland Wax Bar Candy Orchard Wax Bar

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Our unboxing of the October 2023 Scentsy Whiff Box!To purchase Whiff Box:https://brettandbrad.scentsy.us/shop/c/8229/whiff-boxJoin our Scentsy VIP Facebook G.

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Scentsy's October 2023 Whiff Box Sneak Peek #scentsy #scentsywhiffbox Kimberly Pulito 13.2K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed L i k e Save 2.7K views 3 weeks ago Grab your Whiff Box.

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Harvest Collection. Scentsy Whiff Box. Charitable Cause. NHL® Collection. Harry Potter™. Gift Guide. Be the first to discover a variety of new, trending, seasonal products handpicked, beautifully wrapped by Scentsy and delivered to your door monthly! Cheap beauty, body, home fragrance, wax melts, clean, laundry and kids' subscription box.

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It's official. Here is Scentsy's October whiff box !! 😍😍This one will sell out fast !!! 😳🤯😍 ️This would make a great Christmas gift 🎁🎄😍 ️ ️🍒 𝘾𝙝𝙚?.

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Candy Orchard Scent Circle (January 2024) $ 3.00 $ 2.70. Available on January 1, 2024. Get ready for the exclusive launch of Scentsy's coming soon collection at Get A Scent. Be the first to experience what's coming soon to Scentsy! Visit our page!

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Stay tuned for more! Arriving March 2024 3/1 Spring 2024 Scentsy Catalog launches 3/1 Scentsy March 2024 Warmer & Scent of the Month 3/1 March Whiff Box Stay tuned for more! Please note: list / dates are subject to change and we will update as needed. Please check back for new product information and launch dates.


What's in Scentsy's October Whiff Box? - Scented Mama Life ($35) Or ask me how you can get it half off with Scentsy Club! (I know I love saving money!) This box has me singing one of my favorite Christmas songs about a hippo! It would make the perfect Christmas gift! (Contents may vary, subject to availability!) So what's in the box?

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What's Inside the October 2023 Whiff Box? October Scentsy Whiff Box Spoiler… 🍂. This October's Whiff Box promises to be a fragrant journey, capturing the essence of autumn. From the crispness of fallen leaves to the warmth of spiced pumpkin, this box is a celebration of the season. Our OCTOBER whiff box is absolutely RAMMED full of.

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Unbox an exciting surprise! Each month, we hand-pick new, trending products for you to enjoy. These curated collections arrive in a stylishly designed package, topped with a note about what you'll find inside. With a different monthly theme, it's the perfect way to discover new fragrances, experience a variety of products and even gift to […]

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$ 35.00 $ 31.50 SUBSCRIBE NOW 4.9 / 5 ( 30 votes ) Related Scentsy Whiff Box Posts January 2024 Scentsy Whiff Box | Shop Now read more read more Scentsy Whiff Box Spoiler & Exclusive Baby Tux Mini Warmer | November 2023 read more Scentsy Whiff Box Spoiler | October 2023 read more Scentsy Whiff Box Spoiler | September 2023 read more

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Whiff Boxes are a simple way to explore new scents and surprises every month! Each month, we hand-pick new & trending products

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Exclusive Poinsettia Flower in Candy Cane Buttercream included in the December 2023 Whiff Box. Retail Value: $45 Candy Cane Buttercream Poinsettia Fragrance Flower (Whiff Box Exlusive) Golden Garland Scentsy Bar NEW! Candy Orchard Scentsy Bar (January Scent of the Month) Cranberry Candy Cane Scentsy Pod Polar Bear Hug Scentsy Scent Pak

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Hey Friends! My October Whiff Box has arrived so it's time to share and unbox with you!! Order your whiff box at: https://lisarowberry.scentsy.us/shop/c/8229.

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Scentsy Whiff Box is $35 on our website OR get it in the Scentsy Club with an instant 10% off discount or choose it as your half off reward for orders over $60. **Contents change each month. Contents may vary within the same month due to sell outs. We cannot guarantee that you will receive the same box** October 2023 Scentsy Whiff Box Spoiler