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, October 24, 2022 French Sports Vocabulary #1 Best Guide We're here to learn all about French sports vocabulary! So here's the first lesson. What is sports in French? It's des sports which translates to the sports. However the French word for sport is simply sport, which is nice and easy. Just say it with a French accent.

French Sports Vocabulary (125 Words With Pictures)

Alexa Polidoro, from, teaches you some basic French vocabulary: SPORT WORDS in French (part 1). Bisou Bisou 💋 Support us an.

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Learn French - Sports names in French (vocabulary lesson) - Learn the names of the most common sports in French - Learn French vocabulary - Learn French pro.

French Sports Poster Worksheets, Free and Language

Sports verbs and time phrases. that are used with sports - jouer (to play) and faire (to do). . - le/la/les. When talking about sport, faire (to do) is followed by the preposition de. Remember.

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General French sport terms (Free PDF) | Talk in French

General French sport terms (Free PDF) Talk in French

July 12, 2022 Author Elinor Zucchet Sport is like music: it has no border. Wherever you go, you'll always find sports lovers. And French speaking countries are no exception. This article on sports in French will help you in the following situations: If you'd like to mention your favorite sport when introducing yourself.

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Sports in French If you want to talk about sports in French, this free lesson with audio is for you! Listen carefully to the French pronunciation of sport, as the word is spelt the same but said differently. And make sure you practice saying all the French words and phrases aloud.

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[ˈspɔːʳt ] noun 1. (gen) sport m What's your favourite sport? Quel est ton sport préféré ? to be good at sport être sportif/ive She's good at sport. Elle est sportive. indoor sports sports mpl en salle outdoor sports sports mpl de plein air 2. (old-fashioned) (= amusement) divertissement m to say sth in sport dire qch pour rire 3.

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France portal v t e Sport in France plays an important role in French society, which is reflected in its popularity among the French people and the nation's strong sporting history. [1]

Sports in French 250 Words and Phrases To Get You in the Game

In this 'Sports in French' vocabulary lesson you will learn French sentences in the first person singular for playing sports including the sentences: I cycle.

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against - annihilate - archery - association football - at home - athletic - average - back line - backhand - badminton - ball game - bandy - base jump - baseball - basketball - bat - bear-baiting - benchwarmer - biathlon - bicycle racing - big leagues - big-league - blinder - blindside - bocce - body English - booking - boules - bowl - box - bo.

Sports in French 250 Words and Phrases To Get You in the Game

Easy Sports Story in Frencch 55 French Soccer Words ⚽️ French Soccer Vocabulary Le foot - soccer le football - soccer Le football américain - US style football (not soccer) Le match - match Le match de foot - soccer game Le championnat - championship La Coupe du monde - World Cup Le Mondial - World Cup L'équipe de France - France team

French Sports Vocabulary (125 Words With Pictures)

In this lesson, we are looking at words and phrases about some of the most commonly played sports and the verbs used to talk about them. French vocabulary co.

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The Ultimate List of Sports Vocabulary in French Sports are something that almost everyone can related to to in some way. Even if you yourself aren't interesting in playing or watching sports it's hard to deny that they play a large role in society.

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For individual sports use faire. For example, "Je fais de la randonée" (I hike or 'do' hiking). There are exceptions, however, such as "Je joue au golf" (I play golf). These are the most popular sports in French. Sports Vocabulary List Many sports names in French are anglicisms, meaning the words are borrowed from English.

Sports in French 250 Words and Phrases To Get You in the Game

Sports in French: 250 Words and Phrases To Get You in the Game France is no stranger to sports fanatics and great athletic teams, boasting the ever famous Paris Saint-Germain soccer team among others for its soccer-crazed citizens and also home to the renowned Tour de France. But let's face it: people talk about sports more than they play them.