Azul Macauba 200 Hutting Natuursteen

Azul Macauba 200 Hutting Natuursteen

Azul Macaubas is a precious and popular quartzite quarried in Brazil that has varying shades of blue and auburn veining, making it a truly unique and envious piece of natural art. It is sure to impress as a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, bathtub surround, shower surround, fireplace surround or as a part of any outdoor living space.

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Das Material Azul Macaubas (eigentlich Azul Do Macaubas) stammt aus Brasilien. Das Vorkommen liegt westlich der Stadt Macaubas in der brasilianischen Serra da Vereda (vgl. Granit Azul Bahia ). Hingegen der Aussage Vieler handelt es sich bei Azul Macaubas nicht um einen Granit, sondern um Quarzit.

1548 Stele aus Azul Macaubas 1 St. 28 x 14 x 100 cm Dassel Naturstein Grabmale & Grabsteine

An exotic Brazilian quartzite, Azul Macaubas is highly sought for its very rare and beautiful color, ranging from wavy light to deep blue. download literature Installation Instructions Details Applications Variation V1 V2 V3 V4 Tailored To Customization Field Saddle Carpet Cutting Vanity Top Finish Waterjet Mosaic None Attributes Packing Info

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Azul Macaubas quartzite is a globally appreciated and known natural stone, above all for its chromatic characteristics, more unique than rare.Its surface, in fact, is adorned with numerous and delicate shades that oscillate between light blue, cyan and indigo.The refined blend of intense bluish hues and the excellent structural characteristics make it perhaps the most precious quartzite that.

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Azul Macaubas Quartzite is an excellent choice for homeowners who prefer the neutral palette yet desire a splash of color that lends itself to some additional personality. When used for countertop surfaces, this attractive and unique option looks like the cerulean waters of the Caribbean swirling through your space. Because it is so colorful.

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Azul Macaubas Quartzite is a stunning, rare, and precious natural stone that originates from Brazilian quarries. Revered for its exquisite beauty and exceptional durability, this luxurious quartzite is adorned with unique and mesmerizing shades of blue, cyan, and indigo. The enchanting blend of vibrant hues, coupled with the stone's impressive structural characteristics, make it one of the.

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Azul Macaubas is a luxurious and prestigious blue quartzite extracted in brazil and used for the highest end projects all over the world. It is a highly sought exotic and precious quartzite which became more and more popular over the last decade. Its dense light blue color on a white base brings an air of style and class to any project both.

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Back Lit Azul Macaubas Quartzite Countertops and Backsplash Mediterranean Kitchen, Chicago. Check out this absolutely stunning Azul Macaubas quartzite! This client used the material on the island countertop and back splash. This material can be backlit meaning we install LED Panels behind the backsplash our countertops to make it light up!

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Azul Macaubas is a luxurious and prestigious blue quartzite extracted in brazil and used for the highest end projects all over the world. It is a highly sought exotic and precious quartzite which became more and more popular over the last decade.

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Beschreibung Offizielle Handelsbezeichnung: Azul Maccauba Gesteinsart: Granit - Quarzit Farbe: blau - creme Herkunft: Brasilien Technische Werte ( Angaben ca. je nach Abbautiefe ) Rohdichte: 2,69 kg/dm³ Druckfestigkeit: 210 N/mm² Wasseraufnahme: 0,12 Gew.-% Frostbeständig, politurbeständig Verwendbarkeit und Eignung: Innenbereich und Außenbereich

Azul Macaubas

Proudly providing Azul Macaubas countertops in chicago and the following areas. Naperville. Highland Park. Schaumburg. Wilmette. Lincolnwood. Inverness. Mundelein. Elk Grove Village.

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Azul Macaubas is ideal to decorate both indoor and outdoor environments. This quartzite is a high resistant material which doesn't deteriorate over the time; especially suitable for countertops, floors and claddings. Azul Macaubas is a stone with a classic shade that combines with all types of environments, making them lighter and at the same.

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Macaubas Azul Porcelain Tile - Natural Price: $12.22 / Sqft Free Shipping over $1499 on Happy Floors products! Finish Size 4" x 12" 12" x 24" 24" x 48" Check Stock & Get Delivery Time Response time < 30 minutes. Get Sample Description Specifications Applications

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Description: Azul Macaubas Italian Quartzite is an exquisite medium variation blue granite that is available polished in both 2cm and 3cm slabs. This durable Italian granite is perfect for high traffic areas, landscaping, and interior projects including countertops, backsplashes and flooring. Check Inventory Dealer Locator SPECS APPLICATIONS

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Azul Macaubas is striking intense colour range from very deep to light blue on a white grey background accented with white waves exotic quartzite quarried in Brazil. This stone is especially good for Counter tops, vanity tops, bar tops, stairs, wall and floor tiles, mosaic and other design projects. It also called Azul de Macauba Quartzite,Azul de Macaubas Quartzite,Azul do Macaubas Quartzite.

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Azul Macaubas is imported from the state of Bahia in Brazil. It has bold, blue and beige waves of color on a darker blue background that resembles the sky and sea. Slab Size: 123" x 73" Slab SQFT: 62.35 SQFT Price/SQFT: $39.70.00 to $49.70 It is similar with Macaubas , Calacatta P1, and Macaubas Fantasy quartzite. Country of origin: Brazil.