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HTML Maintenance Page. This is a simple HTML/CSS page, that you can use for maintenance purposes. For your convinience, I added a Bash-Script, that allows you to quickly set it up with your personal values. The design is inspired by Apple's maintenance page. 1. Features: Company/Personal Logo; Contact E-Mail

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Step 1 (HTML Code): The first step in creating a maintenance page using HTML and CSS is to create the basic structure of the page using HTML. HTML is a markup language that is used to create the structure and layout of web pages. After creating the files just paste the following codes into your file.

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The main purpose of an under-construction page (or a "maintenance page") is to inform visitors that your website is temporarily unavailable. However, an effective maintenance page goes beyond acting as a virtual "Closed" sign — it should be designed to maintain your customer base, even without a fully-functioning site.

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Step 1: Create the HTML Structure First, we need to create the HTML structure of the maintenance mode page. This structure will include a title, a message to the user, and an estimated time of return.

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A free, sweet, valid HTML4 "Site Maintenance" page. So today we have moved servers from the cloud to a physically local server and we needed a "Site Maintenance" page. A few google searches turned up a simple HTML5 template which I converted to HTML4 and is reproduced hereunder (could not find the original source, aargh):

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