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Cómo Aprobar el JLPT N2 - Guía de Estudio Lista de gramática JLPT N2 Lista de Kanji JLPT N2 Lista de vocabulario JLPT N2 Examen de práctica JLPT N2 - descarga gratis. N3.. watashi wa soko de gakkou no tomodachi to takusan aemashita. I was able to meet a lot of my friends there. Lista de Kanji JLPT N5. Lista de vocabulario JLPT N5.

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Stroke Order Diagram for 学校 [gakkou] - Tanoshii Japanese Categories 学校 is a member of Stroke Order Diagrams for 学校 Kanji Details » Add to Kanji Details » Add to Sample Sentences for 学校 兄は14歳の時に学校を辞めた。 My brother left his school when he was fourteen years old. View Sentence Details » 困った事に私の息子は学校へ行きたがらないのです。

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gakkou - 学校 (がっこう) : a noun meaning a 'school' in Japanese. This can also work as plural. Learn more about Japanese plural. The definition and meaning are simple and clear. To understand this noun more clearly, however, let me explain its kanji characters in detail, one by one. Gakkou in kanji

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1 Answer Sorted by: 5 Historically, 学校 was spelled in kana -- and pronounced as something like -- がくかう. Regular sound changes resulted in modern がっこう: In the ~くか~ in the middle, the //u// sound was unstressed, leading to it gradually being omitted.

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gakkou Meaning noun school How to write Show stroke number Kanji in this word 学 8 strokes study,learning,science 校 10 strokes exam,school,printing,proof,correction Advertisement Extended information Technical Info Example sentences Japanese sentence この学校はたくさんの生徒がいます。 Sentence analysis この 学校 は たくさん の 生徒 が います 。 Meaning This school has many students.

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学校 / がっこう / ガッコウ - Translation from Japanese into English - LearnWithOliver. Kanji: 学校. Hiragana: がっこう. Katakana: ガッコウ. Romaji: gakkō. English Meaning: school. Example Sentences: 私の娘は、学校でいつも成績が良いです。. watashi no musume wa, gakkō de itsumo sēseki ga yoi desu.

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学 【ガク】 learning, scholarship, study, erudition, knowledge, education, study of., -ology, -ics. 学位 【ガクイ】 (academic) degree. 短期大学 【タンキダイガク】 junior college, vocationally oriented two or three year post-secondary education institution. 法医学 【ホウイガク】 forensic medicine, forensic.

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In this video, you'll learn how to say「school」in japanese The video consists of three parts that helps you to learn and practice pronunciation.1) pronounced.

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学園 学院 Coed & Single-Sex Schools Public and Private Schools Shougakkou 小学校 A shougakkou 小学校 is a school for children ages around 6 to 12 ( shougakkou has 6 grades ). It's similar to an elementary school in the United States. The word is written with the kanji for "small," shou 小. Chuugakkou 中学校

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学校 consists of the following kanji: 学 Go-on: がく (gaku) 校 Kan-on: こう (kou) But 学校 is not read as gakukou, but as gakkou. And I'm trying to find out why. Here is what I think is going on: The first u becomes silent, because it's between two voiceless consonants (k). So in this case, 学 is actually being read as がっ, not.

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Noun [ edit] 学 がっ 校 こう • ( gakkō ) ← がくかう (gakukau)? (counter 校) school (institution dedicated to teaching and learning) Derived terms [ edit] 私 しり 立 つ 学 がっ 校 こう

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Learn JLPT N5 Vocabulary: 学校 (gakkou) 学校はもうお休みだ。. School's out. gakkou wa mou o yasumi da. 彼は陸軍士官学校に入れられた。. He was sent to a military school. kare wa rikugun shikan gakkou ni irerareta. どこの学校に行ってるの?.

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Japanese Dictionary Meaning of 学校 がっこう in Japanese 学校, 學校 JLPT 5 がっこう gakkō noun (common) (futsuumeishi) school 学校 ま で 10 分 で 歩いて 行ける。 I can walk to school in 10 minutes. Examples of 学校, 學校, がっこう in a sentence 学校 ま で 10 分 で 歩いて 行ける。 I can walk to school in 10 minutes. 芝居小屋 跡地 に 学校 が 建てられた のが1905 年 4 月 でした 。

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To answer your question, gaku is the first kanji in "gakkou" meaning study (学), whereas 学校 means School, the last kanji on "gakkou" means School but the word school is made up of both. Hope that answered your question ! February 15, 2016. 1. 2. 0.

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• 学校 ( = gakkou) school • 語学学校 ( = gogaku gakkou) language school. cf. 英会話スクール ( = eikaiwa sukuuru) English school • 専門学校 ( = senmon gakkou) professional training/ career college. Ex. 私は、語学学校に通っています。 = Watashi wa gogaku gakkou ni kayotte imasu. = I go to a language school.

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Some General Vocabulary. These are words you should learn right away as a beginner. Kana/Kanji. Roomaji. English. 日本(にほん・にっぽん). Nihon/Nippon. Japan. 日本語(にほんご).