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15 Diwali Games That Are Perfect To Make The Festival Party Extra Special

DIYA DECORATION Description : This game can be conducted both for kids and adults. Get a few diyas and some decorative craft stuff a few days ahead. Get the kids to decorate their diyas using the given supplies within a set time limit. The kid who decorates the best diya is the winner.

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Quiz Game Pictionary Diwali Game Edition Diwali Potluck Dinner Activity Responsible Fireworks Show Lantern Making Activity Sweet-making Session Dance-off competition Storytelling Session Blindfold Drawing game Dumb Charades Fashion Show Craft Workshop Activity Karaoke Night Diwali Gift Exchange

30 Fun Diwali Games For Diwali Party For Kids & Adults

9 min read For Hindus all around the world, Diwali (Divali or Deepavali) is the biggest festival on the calendar each year. During the days leading up to Diwali, friends and coworkers exchange gifts of dry fruits, sweets and precious metals. Children enjoy the festive atmosphere and anticipate spending quality time with cousins and extended family.

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Diwali Party Games for Kids and Adults

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Great Diwali Games To Enjoy This Festive Season RummyCulture

1. Shuffle the Diwali-themed cards and arrange them face down in a grid formation on a table. 2. The first player starts by flipping over two cards to find a matching pair. 3. If the cards they.

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Lifestyle 10 Fun Diwali Party Ideas to Make Your Diwali Party Memorable team October 31, 2021 The festival of Lights is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. It is a festival of sweets, gifts and enjoyment. Diwali is a right time to party and family get together and celebrate.

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1. Cracker Tambola Though we may not like to burst crackers outside our homes, we can play Cracker Tambola. Cut the paper in the shapes of Anar, Phuljhadi, Firki, Rocket, or Bomb. Now each player has to write 5 numbers of their choice on each cracker. This can also be played as early 5s or full house.

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For more diwali party games click here. Diwali Musical Chairs - Party Game. Creative Diwali - Party Game. 1.Crackers Tambola 2.Children's Fancy Dress Competition 3.Alphabets & Diyas 4. Diwali Musical Chairs 5.Candles and Bangles 6.Rangoli competition.

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Some of the most popular Diwali party games played by large group or in office are Teen Patti, Ludo, and so forth. But this time, level up with online fun & real money games to play on Diwali and other festivals. From Diwali card games to casual games, here are the top 5 games you and your friends will love.

Diwali party games for family members and kids

Diwali party games for adults & kids. Posted on October 27, 2016 October 18, 2019 By Untumble Buzz. Festivity in India revolves around Diwali, it being the most important festival where family, friends & neighbours come together to enjoy the week long festivities, sweets, crackers and the poojas.

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15 Best Diwali Party Games & Activities for Both Kids and Adults Rummy Card Game Poker Night Spin the Wheel - Diwali Edition Diwali-themed Trivia Quiz Memory Game Online Fantasy Sports Carrom Board Game Sports Tournaments Uno: A Card Game Among Us Crackers Tambola Antakshari Pictionary Musical Chairs Dumb Charades 1. Rummy Card Game:

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by Shivangi September 25, 2023 Are you wondering, 'How can I make my Diwali party fun?' Well, look no further! Explore our carefully selected collection of fun Diwali games for kids and adults and turn your party into an EPIC celebration!

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1. Rangoli-in-a-minute! This is one of the Diwali party games game that has your guests don their creative hats to craft a Rangoli in a stipulated time of 1 minute. Elaboration is not required for this game as one has to be quick and creative.

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1. Rangoli competition 2. Diya decoration contest 3. Tambola (Housie) 4. Musical chairs with a Diwali twist 5. Diwali quiz 6. Lantern-making contest 7. Blindfolded diya lighting 8. 1 truth 2 lies 9. Diwali memory game 10. Best ethnic attire competition 11. Diwali dhamaka charades 12. Diwali themed treasure hunt 13. Office decor contest 14.