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Figure \(\PageIndex{3}\): An isometric view of a simple block. When seen on a print, using orthographic projection, it would appear like this. Figure \(\PageIndex{4}\): An orthographic projection of a simple block. This system of orthographic projection may be difficult to understand or visualize at first, but you will grasp it with some practice.

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An isometric view is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional object, aligned to three axes. Lines on the drawing that are parallel to one of the axes are always drawn exactly to.

Geometry May 28 Orthographic and Isometric Drawing

Orthographic projections are a way of describing what an object looks like from several different views. Orthographics are also called engineering drawings or plan views. Using a set of orthographics an illustrator can easily draw the three-dimensional object from any angle and in perspective, isometric or any number of other drawing systems.


Isometric Views An isometric view may be created from any view on the screen. The resulting orientation will vary according to the view selected. In this example, the front view is selected. Access the Create panel under the Place Views tab and click the Projected View tool. Click the Front orthographic view.

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In isometric view (orthographic) the surface is no longer parallel to the projection plane, but the latter is perpendicular to the lines of sight, with three dimensions being seen. In oblique projection (non-orthographic) the object surface and the projection plane are also parallel, but the lines of sights are not perpendicular to the.


An isometric projection is the perspective representation of an object placed so that the three significant edges (which correspond to the three dimensions of the object) form equal angles of 120. Unlike multi-view projection, isometric projection allows you to represent all three dimensions of an object.

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An isometric view is a type of 3D drawing that shows three sides of an object at the same time. It is created by tilting the object 30 degrees from the horizontal plane and 45 degrees from the.

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The isometric is one class of orthographic projections. (In making an orthographic projection, any point in the object is mapped onto the drawing by dropping a perpendicular from that point to the plane of the drawing.)

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Types of views used in drawings. The two main types of views (or "projections") used in drawings are: pictorial. orthographic. Pictorial views. Pictorial views show a 3-D view of how something should look when completed. There are three types of pictorial views: perspective. isometric.

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Use of a Miter Line. A miter line (OE in the figure) offers a convenient method of laying out a third view while you are in the process of drawing two views. Place the miter line (OE) to the right of the top view at a convenient distance, keeping the appearance of a balanced drawing. Draw light projection lines from the top view to the miter.

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The orthographic drawing usually includes 3 orthographic views: the front view. and the top view. An isometric drawing is a drawing of a three-dimensional object in 2 dimensions where the.

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Types of views used in drawings The two main types of views (or "projections") used in drawings are: pictorial orthographic Pictorial views Pictorial views show a 3-D view of how something should look when completed. There are three types of pictorial views: perspective isometric oblique Perspective view

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Create an isometric view from orthographic drawing. This uses Third Angle Projection to orient the views.

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An orthographic drawing is quite different from an isometric drawing, but they are related! I'll explain that further below. What is an orthographic drawing? An orthographic drawing or orthographic projection is a representation of a three-dimensional-object using several two-dimensional planes.

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Difference Between Orthographic & Isometric Projection 4.5 ( 2) In this article, we will discuss orthographic projection. 1. Orthographic Projection The word "orthographic" is known as right angle and "projection" refers to a view obtain in a plane at a right angle with each other.