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I seems to me that a 30ft boat with a sugar scoop has less usable internal lenght than a 30ft with a flat stern, therefore could a 30 footer with a sugar scoop could 'shorter' than a 28 footer without? It's probably obvious but what is the reason for a sugar scoop stern? Regards Harry PS I hope I don't kick myself when I get the answer 28 Mar 2012

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The modern trend of Sugar Scoop transoms is very convenient, people can easily climb aboard or jump into the water from the cockpit.. When a large wave hits from the stern, this wave will just as easily board the boat through the large open stern scoop, swamping the aft part of the sailboat. Boarding waves can become a very wet ordeal in a.

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On sailboats, a reversed transom scooped out, with steps and a landing added, is called a sugar scoop stern. This design makes the water and your boat's tender easier to access than the deck. Catamarans, especially larger cats, often have two sugar scoop transoms, one for each hull.

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#2 · May 1, 2008 There was a thread recently on the whole sugar scoop thing. Mine has one - but it has high enough freeboard that I am not too concerned of the negativities. The only time I would think maybe one is not desirable is if you have low freeboard and the scoop literally has access to the cockpit.

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Sugar scoop A transom that s extended or hollowed out to incorporate a bathing platform. Latest issue January issue - out on 23 November

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January 5, 2022 0 shares How do you choose the right yacht for you? We highlight the very best bluewater sailboat designs for every type of cruising Which yacht is the best for bluewater boating?.

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Search for more boats. Northshore 38 1984, With Sugar Scoop Transom. Well maintained example of this excellent boat. Has all inclusions for walk-on sailing. Recent lift out (16/10/23) for anti-foul,.Find out more.

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Location: Cabo Verde. Boat: Bruce Roberts Spray, 36' Steel Junk-Rigged Schooner. Posts: 1,245. Images: 26. Re: List of boats with skeg and sugar scoop. Quote: Originally Posted by Jim Cate. With all respect, all the Roberts Spray "replicas" that I've seen have a long keel with an attached rudder, not a skeg rudder.

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HULL DESIGN. German Frer's designed the H46 hull with a fine modern entry. The wide beam carries well aft allowing the yacht to surf above her hull speed. This also creates a spacious aft master cabin. The wide sugar-scoop stern offers great deck storage for dive gear as well as easy access to the water for swimming and boarding the dinghy.

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Sailboat cooking isn't the time to have purpose specific gadgets onboard, you want to have multipurpose tools and pots and pans. Look at things that can be stored stacked together. Nesting bowls and pots. Nesting bowls with lids are great for baking, making and serving a salad, and with the lid, leftovers can go in the fridge!

Cruising Boat Spotlight The Hunter Vision 32

1 Comment The New England winters play tricks on the mind and cause residents to hatch and execute ideas that the less vernalized folks of the Mid - Atlantic would only dream of. My father decided one winter that SKATER, his beloved Norseman 400, would look and sail better if she had a sugar scoop. Sounds simple right? It is not.

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A split backstay and small sugar scoop makes getting on and off the transom easy. The wheel is fairly small and because the sprayhood is necessarily wide to take in the big coachroof, forwards visibility is restricted. The Island Packet 380 is ideal for blue-water cruising, with a keel-hung rudder and encapsulated keel.

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The Pearson 38 has a flat sheer, a pronounced bow overhang, and a sugar-scoop stern with step-through transom. Low cockpit coamings and clean, appealing cabin-house lines offset the generous freeboard. Ample beam enhances both interior volume and form stability. Below the waterline, the boat has an externally mounted wing keel and an elliptical.

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1 2 3 > Last » Tags boat « Vertigo and Sailing. Any Experience? | Antifouling Paint » Good day all, I have been searching far and wide for a list of boats that have a skeg rudder and a sugar scoop with no luck. Anyone know where I might find such as list or if one even exists? Perhaps