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Saint-Denis (/ ˌ s æ̃ d ə ˈ n iː /, French: [sɛ̃d(ə)ni] ⓘ) is a commune in the northern suburbs of Paris, France.It is located 9.4 km (5.8 mi) from the centre of Paris.Saint-Denis is the second most populated suburb of Paris (after Boulogne-Billancourt), with a population of 113,116 at the 2020 census.It is a subprefecture (French: sous-préfecture) of the department of Seine-Saint.

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To find the domain of a function, consider any restrictions on the input values that would make the function undefined, including dividing by zero, taking the square root of a negative number, or taking the logarithm of a negative number. Remove these values from the set of all possible input values to find the domain of the function.

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Founded in the 7th century by Dagobert I on the burial place of Saint Denis, a patron saint of France, the church became a place of pilgrimage and the burial place of the French kings -- all but three from the 10th to the 18th centuries are buried here, as well as other notables including Marie de Medici, consort of Henry IV; Henrietta Maria, queen consort of Charles I of England; and Maria.


The Basilica of Saint-Denis (French: Basilique royale de Saint-Denis, now formally known as the Basilique-cathédrale de Saint-Denis) is a large former medieval abbey church and present cathedral in the commune of Saint-Denis, a northern suburb of Paris.The building is of singular importance historically and architecturally as its choir, completed in 1144, is widely considered the first.

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Step 1: Enter the formula for which you want to calculate the domain and range.

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Apartment T2 of 48 m2 near the Stade de France in a quiet residence 150 m from the Stade de France-St Denis RER station. The center of Paris (Chatelet) is 2 stations away (10mn). Facing the residence, a pretty park, a Monoprix shop. In the accommodation: a bedroom with a double bed, a click in the living room that can accommodate an adult.

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Seine-Saint-Denis (French pronunciation: [sɛn sɛ̃ d(ə)ni]) is a department of France located in the Grand Paris metropolis in the Île-de-France region.In French, it is often referred to colloquially as quatre-vingt treize or neuf trois ("ninety-three" or "nine three"), after its official administrative number, 93. Its prefecture is Bobigny.. In 2019, it had a population of 1,644,903.

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The History of France and of Sport In Saint-Denis. The city of Saint-Denis lies to the northeast of Paris (External link) and has been an important city in the Ile-de-France region since the Middle Ages, so important that in those days people spoke of "Paris, which is near Saint-Denis". In the Middle Ages, the city was already known for the annual fair of Lendit, and the beautiful basilica.

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L'Île-Saint-Denis (French pronunciation: [lil sɛ̃ dəni] ⓘ, locally [lil sɛ̃ d(ə)ni]; lit. 'Saint Denis Island') is a French commune in the northern suburbs of Paris, Île-de-France.It is located 9.4 km (5.8 mi) from the center of Paris.. The commune is entirely contained on an island of the Seine River, hence its name.. Along with the communes of Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine.

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Whilst originally founded in the 7th century, the current Basilica of St Denis was built in a gothic style in the 12th century by the Regent of France, Abbot Suger. From the 7th century onwards, and officially from the 10th century, the Basilica of St Denis acquired a new and important role as the burial place of the kings and queens of France.